Mission Statement

To improve people’s lives through learning.

Vision Statement

We will pursue our Mission by focusing all our efforts on making Elgin Community College a national leader in promoting success for all students. This Vision will be attained through a commitment to provide innovative and affordable learning opportunities for all constituencies and to promote cultural competence and community partnership in our decisions and actions.

Philosophy on Learning

Learning is the primary driver behind our Mission and Vision. We believe learning is a lifelong process of intellectual and interpersonal growth that occurs when individuals expand their depth of knowledge, skills, and experiences. We further believe that learning empowers individuals to improve their lives and the economic, social, and cultural conditions of local and global communities.

Shared Values


Our programs and services strive for the highest level of excellence to successfully achieve our Vision. We use research-based methods to strengthen curriculum and deliver high-quality learning-centered instruction and services.

Freedom of Inquiry

We believe learning is most engaging and viable when a spirit of free inquiry exists, allowing everyone the freedom to explore new and diverse ideas and to express their interests and attitudes. We strive to create environments where inquiry flourishes and guides innovation.


We are an inclusive community that provides students, employees, and community members with full access to all resources needed to achieve their individual goals. We commit to creating an environment that is equitable and inclusive to all.


We value and honor diversity in all forms and perspectives. To successfully achieve our Vision, we provide a safe and inclusive community that promotes and affirms individual growth, social responsibility, and self-worth for success in a global world.

Ethical Practices

We are responsible for carrying out our work with honesty and integrity. Our decisions and actions are guided by our Vision and not by personal interests, and they will be enacted with a sense of service to students and community members.


As a public institution, we commit to making the best use of resources. We strive to be transparent in reporting our decisions and actions and seek feedback from others as we continuously improve our practices.


We are actively committed to serving students, employees, and community members. The decisions and actions we undertake in carrying out our Vision derive from working cooperatively with local through global constituencies.

Institutional Goals

Equity and Learning

Identify and expand practices to raise academic achievement and completion.

Holistic Programming

Strategically build and maintain enrollment and purposeful pathways.

Community Partnerships

Advance relationships that benefit the college, students, and partnering organizations.

Service Excellence and Collaboration

Instill a culture of service excellence and collaboration.