Transcript Designations are designed to recognize a concentrated focus of study in a particular area of interest and are distinct from degrees or certificates earned. These designations can be showcased for transfer schools, scholarship applications, internship opportunities, and potential employers as a demonstration of increased knowledge and awareness of the respective topics.

Once the appropriate requirements have been met, the transcript will reflect this achievement. Explore the options below and schedule a time to discuss the details with an academic advisor. 

  • Equity Diversity Inclusion Competency
    The EDI Competency prepares students for the complex and evolving U.S. society in which we live by providing them with knowledge of diverse cultures and an understanding of themselves and their relationships within the context of U.S. workplaces, public institutions, and society as a whole. The EDI Competency is intended for students looking to increase their knowledge and awareness of multicultural issues within the U.S. through a specialized selection of courses.
  • Global Scholar
    The need for globally-competent and aware individuals continues to increase as the world becomes more interdependent. The Global Scholar designation allows students to become better prepared for engaging in a highly connected world through global-focused coursework.