Global literacy and awareness is an increasingly in-demand skill for students to succeed in an interconnected world. The need for globally-competent and aware individuals continues to be a skill highly desired by employers across industries. ECC can help you prepare to succeed in an international society through the Global Scholar Designation.

The purpose of the Global Scholar Designation is to identify students who have focused their coursework in areas that promote global knowledge, competencies, and awareness. Students who complete this designation will be able to build on their global learning foundation at ECC and showcase the transcript designation in order to better place themselves into careers and fields of study that value global and international knowledge and experience. The Global Scholar Designation prepares students for the complex and evolving world we live in by providing them with knowledge of diverse nations and cultures and to understand their own society within the context of the larger global experience. The Global Scholar designation is intended for students looking to increase their knowledge and awareness of global issues through a specialized selection of courses.

This designation is not a credential or a certificate but rather a designation with clear parameters that will be indicated on the student’s transcript. The designation is designed to offer students an interdisciplinary approach as they explore the cultural, political, social, and historical issues both within and outside the U.S. The designation also promotes equity and inclusion as it offers an alternative equivalent through coursework for students who may not be able to participate in ECC study abroad programs. 

For more information on the Global Scholar Designation, contact the Center for Global Engagement at email or phone 847-214-7809.

For assistance in planning your schedule and getting started with the Global Scholar Designation, make an appointment to see your academic advisor.

Through the successful completion of the Global Scholar Designation, students will demonstrate a deep knowledge of global citizenship, cultural competence, and civic responsibility by being able to:

  • Identify, analyze, and reflect on historical, cultural, political, and socioeconomic perspectives of living in a global society.
  • Describe, differentiate, and analyze both local and global cultures in self and others.
  • Critically examine and demonstrate a respect for other cultures and diverse perspectives. 

Designation Requirements

To receive the transcript designation, students must have:

  • Completion of 12 semester hours from the course options below, including at least one course with a Non-Western designation (N course). Courses applied to the Global Scholar Designation must be completed with a cumulative 2.0 GPA earned in applicable courses.


  • Completion of a maximum of 6 semester hours through participation in an ECC credit-bearing study abroad program* and completion of the remainder of credit hours from the course options below, including at least one course with a Non-Western designation (N course). Courses applied to the Global Scholar Designation must be completed with a cumulative 2.0 GPA earned in applicable courses. *Study abroad programs include short-term, summer, semester, and virtual exchange programs sponsored by ECC.

Course Title Credits
Non-Western Courses
Must select one course from the following list:
ART 154Survey of Non-Western Art3
ATR 120Introduction to Anthropology3
ATR 220Cultural Anthropology3
GEO 116Human Geography3
GEO 216Geography of the Developing World3
HIS 115History of World Civilizations I3
HIS 116History of World Civilizations II3
HIS 130History of Latin America I3
HIS 131History of Latin America II3
HIS 140History of Asia: Ancient to 15003
HIS 141History of Asia: 1500 to Present3
HUM 103Intro to Non-Western Humanities3
HUM 170Introduction to Asian Philosophies3
LIT 223International Literature3
MUS 104Musics of the World3
Additional Courses
ART 130Art of Film3
ART 151History of Art, Prehistory to 13003
ART 152History of Art, 1300 to the Present3
BUS 260Global Business3
CHN 202Intermediate Chinese II4
ECN 210Comparative Economics3
FRN 202Intermediate French II4
GRM 202Intermediate German II4
HIS 101History of Western Civilization I3
HIS 102History of Western Civilization II3
HIS 182History of Mexico3
HUM 101Ancient & Medieval Western Humanities3
HUM 102Modern Western Humanities3
HUM 205Introduction to Mythology3
HUM 216Ethics3
ITN 202Intermediate Italian II4
JPN 202Intermediate Japanese II4
POS 152Principles of Political Science3
POS 250Comparative Political Systems3
POS 251International Relations3
SPN 202Intermediate Spanish II4
THE 122Intro-Theatre History & Literature3