Policies and Procedures

College procedures lay the groundwork for strategic links between the college mission and our day-to-day operation. They help employees and students understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits; set forth a clear and easily understood plan of action; and support overall well-being by eliminating misunderstandings and establishing boundaries. Whenever in doubt, be sure to view to see all college procedures  or visit the Office of the Dean of Students. We have provided links to commonly referenced policies and procedures in this section.

Rights and Privacy Act

For policies and procedures regarding student academic records, please refer to the Student Academic Records Administrative Procedure 4.103.

Evaluation of Credits Earned at Other Institutions

Students who have attended other institutions and who intend to earn a degree or certificate from ECC must have an official transcript from each institution on file in the ECC Admissions Office. After the student declares a major and creates an educational plan with the assistance of an ECC advisor, the student should request a transcript evaluation by completing the request for evaluation of prior request for evaluation of prior educational experience. During graduation evaluation, the cumulative grade point average for students earning the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Fine Arts, Associate in Liberal Studies, and Associate in Engineering Science degrees is determined by using all grades received from all courses numbered 100 and above taken at ECC and all grades A-D accepted from other colleges and universities. For students earning the Associate of Applied Science degree or any of the occupational certificates, only the grades received in the courses which apply to the Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate are counted for purposes of determining cumulative grade point average at the time of graduation.

Academic Residency

Academic Residency Requirements Administrative Procedure 1.301

Student Credit for Learning Experiences other than Formal Instruction

Credit for Learning Experiences other than Formal Instruction – Administrative Procedure 1.101