Associate of Applied Science Degrees General Education Requirements

The college recommends that all students create an educational plan with an advisor in the ECC Advising Center prior to registering. Students with previous academic, career, and life experiences are encouraged to investigate the proficiency credit options to substitute their acquired knowledge for prerequisite, course and/or degree requirements.

The college recommends using the Academic Planning, Registration, and Payment Tool on accessECC to track your progress toward completion.

These degrees are not intended for transfer. For information about courses in the curricula that will transfer or about a transfer-oriented program, see an ECC advisor.

Curriculum Requirements

The student must satisfactorily complete all courses specified in the curriculum of their choice. For details, see all AAS degrees and course descriptions on the pages that follow in this catalog.

General Education Requirements

Course Title Credits
Unless particular courses are specified in the curriculum, students must take two of the writing courses of the following: 16-9
English Composition I
English Composition II
Business Communications I
Business Communications II
Social or Behavioral Sciences
Unless a particular course is specified in the Curriculum, students must choose a course or courses numbered 100 and above from the disciplines of the following:
Geography-GEO 2
International Studies-INS, excluding non-traditional languages
Political Science-POS
Math or Science
Unless a particular course is specified in the curriculum, students must choose a math or science course numbered 100 and above of the following: 3
Applied Physical Science-APS/SCI
Geography-GEO 4
Liberal Education
Unless a particular course is specified in the curriculum, a minimum of 3 semester hours must be taken of the following:
Art Appreciation
Art of Film
History of Art I
History of Art II
Survey of Non-Western Art
History of Photography
Language-Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Russian or Spanish
Foundations of Civilization
American Civilization
Any Humanities course
International Studies-INS, non-traditional languages
Any Literature course
Musics of the World
Music Appreciation
Music Literature From 1400 to 1750
Music Liter. From 1750 to Present
Introduction to Film Appreciation
Oral Interpretation of Literature
Theatre Appreciation
Intro-Theatre History & Literature
American Drama
Total Credit Hours6-9

 Some curricula require CMS 101 Fundamentals of Speech in addition to the 6 hours of written communications.


Except GEO 115 Intro to Physical Geography


Please note: Although it does not have a MTH or science prefix, BUS 120 Business Mathematics fulfills this requirement.


GEO 115 Intro to Physical Geography only

College Requirements

  1. A total of 60 hours or more must be completed in courses numbered 100 and above as specified in the curriculum. This total cannot include any courses with ABE, ASE, AMT, ARW, ECO, or ESL prefixes.
  2. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for all courses that are applied to the degree.
  3. Meet the college’s Academic Residency Requirement for Associate of Applied Science degrees: A minimum of 15 semester hours of coursework that are degree requirements, six of which must also be discipline-specific, in courses numbered 100 and above and must have been achieved at ECC, excluding AP, CLEP, and proficiency credits.
  4. Students may apply up to six hours of Independent Study credit toward any associate degree.