Choosing the right college major is the best way to ensure that you receive the most out of your education and enjoy a career that motivates and excites you. Understanding your strengths, knowing your options, and navigating resources can lead you in the right direction.

As a student, you are responsible for your educational choices and decisions. During the first semester, each student is assigned an academic advisor. The advisor/advisee relationship requires participation and involvement from both parties and is nurtured during the student's entire educational experience at ECC.

Creating an education plan, a personalized sequence of courses, should be done in collaboration with an ECC academic advisor to ensure students meet their educational and occupational goals. Courses are selected that will:

  • Meet ECC graduation requirements.
  • Meet career degree/certificate requirements.
  • Meet admissions and general education requirements of the student’s intended transfer college/university and major department.
  • Meet the foundation course requirements for the student’s transfer college major.
  • Allow students to explore educational possibilities.

Completion of an education plan is important for students intending to earn an ECC degree or certificate and for those planning to transfer to another institution. Since course requirements vary by major and transfer school, the best way to ensure your courses will transfer is to choose a major and transfer school and meet with your academic advisor as soon as possible.

Visit the Student Success Center to make an appointment with a career development specialist for assistance in choosing a major or with an academic advisor to complete an education plan. To schedule an appointment call 847-214-7390 or stop by the Student Success Center in Building B, Room B120.