ECC operates under the Open Door Admission Policy of the Illinois Community College Act. Once admitted to the college, students may enroll in any course as long as individual course prerequisites, placement procedures, and/or developmental admission requirements are met and space for effective instruction is available. Neither a high school diploma nor ACT or SAT scores are required for admission to the college. The college reserves the right to cancel courses which do not meet minimum enrollment standards or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Below are links to offices that will assist you in the enrollment process and a list of common topics or services each provides. You can also visit First Stop in Building A, A100, for assistance.

Academic & Transfer Advising Services

Advising & Transfer Advising

  • Academic Advising/Transfer Assistance
  • Educational Success & Career Advising


Admissions Information

Health Profession Admissions

Health Professions Application

Honors Program

Honors Program Information

  • ECC Honors Courses/Honors Program


Registration Procedures

Student Access and Disability Services 

Accommodations and Student Disabilities Services Registration

Student Access and Disabilities Services Registration is required to receive accommodations. Reasonable accommodations are designed to provide equal access to students with disabilities. These are determined on an individual basis; therefore, not all accommodations are appropriate for every student. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessible formats of text and materials*
  • Accessible furniture
  • Adaptive computer hardware/software
  • Assistive technology devices*
  • Captionists*
  • Extended test time/quiet testing area
  • Extensions on assignments
  • Flexibility in attendance
  • Note-takers/recording devices
  • Preferential seating
  • Sign language interpreters*
  • Test readers/scribes

*Please contact the Student Access and Disabilities Services Office at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester to give us time to implement.

Student Records

Student Records and Transcripts

Testing Center

Testing Services

Veterans Services

Veterans Services

  • Designated Veteran Benefits Specialist
  • Designated Veteran Coordinator
  • Student Veteran-focused services
  • Policy on transfer credits
  • Frequently Asked Questions