CBS 199 Comm. & Behavioral Sci. Indpnt Study may be applied to the major field and elective requirement in the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees.

CBS 199 Comm. & Behavioral Sci. Indpnt Study (1-4)(1,0)

(1-4, 0) The use of credits in CBS 199 toward degree requirements is limited. Limitations include the number of hours as part of a degree and may include the content of the particular subject studied. A student may petition in the Counseling Center for independent study in any curriculum area of Communications and Behavioral Sciences. This petition must be approved by the appropriate instructional dean. A faculty supervisor in that curriculum will be appointed to direct and evaluate the independent study. This course is repeatable up to a maximum of four credit hours, to allow flexibility to students. (1.1) Proficiency Credit Not Available Pass/No Credit Available.

In-District Tuition/Fees: $528 (effective 2022/23 academic year)

In-district tuition rates are subject to change based on Board approval.

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

Semester(s) Offered: Varies