Developmental Reading Courses

Developmental courses are numbered below 100. Developmental courses do not transfer and cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of any associate degree; however, students must complete these courses in order to enroll in most college-level courses.

Students are placed into a developmental course based on the results of the reading placement test (for more information visit Once a student enrolls in his/her first developmental course, he/she must complete the sequence to meet minimum competencies for college-level courses. Students who perform very well in their developmental courses may request approval from the instructor to re-take the placement test.

The recommended course options for students placing into the two levels of developmental reading are listed below. Students should make course selections in consultation with an academic advisor:

  1. Placement into RDG 091 Advanced Academic Reading & Inquiry - Students are encouraged to register for LTC 099 College Literacy as this course integrates reading and writing skills, thus preparing students for college courses in only one semester.
  2. Placement into RDG 091 Advanced Academic Reading & Inquiry - Students who have only a reading developmental placement will take this course. If students also have an ENG 098 placement, they are encouraged to also enroll in the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in which they enroll in ENG 098 Developmental Composition along with ENG 101 English Composition I in the same semester, with the same instructor.

RDG 091 Advanced Academic Reading & Inquiry (3)(3,0)

In this course, students will use college-level reading literacy approaches to meet the demands of increasingly complex college texts. This is the second semester of a two-course sequence to develop students to successfully read complex disciplinary texts. (1.4) Proficiency Credit Not Available Pass/No Credit Not Available.

In-District Tuition/Fees: $410 (effective 2024/25 academic year)

In-district tuition rates are subject to change based on Board approval.

Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score.

Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer